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"The company was fast to respond and help out. The system itself (GRAF EcoBloc), being new, took a little figuring. Once we had everything sorted the rest was a breeze. The fact that they are light weight, the crates already made, and simple installation, made the installation fast and efficient without a doubt."
Nick, Langford, BC
"I've bought a couple of your tanks in the past, and now I'm looking at 500 -1000 gallons for rainwater storage. I've looked at some other supplier websites and Barr Plastics has, by far, the best and most informative website. Excellent section on rainwater storage too."
Paul Hearsey, Williams Lake, BC
"I wanted to pass on my comments about your dock system. We were very happy with our completed project. Your float system and hardware worked exactly as you outlined. What really impressed me was how easy your instruction booklet was to follow. The telling tale for us was when we went to connect the eleven dock sections together. They all fit perfectly, the hardware to connect the sections lined up exactly as planned. We have had nothing but compliments from our community on this project. Also I would like to extend my appreciation for your conscientious service. I would recommend your system to anyone."
Don Erno, Chase, BC
"I'm glad this is a company that handles things as they should be handled."
Paul, Vancouver, BC
"I have used Barr Plastics for a few small projects for collecting water. They always have good advice and I get treated like I'm like a real customer."
Rick Steele, New Westminster, BC
"We are now living in our new home and we are enjoying it thoroughly. My family and I would like to thank you and Barr Plastics for the critical part you had in getting us to this point -and for the amazing follow­up support we have received.
I am writing this letter to let prospective clients know how pleased we were with your professional, customer focused approach to meeting our unique water supply needs.
  • You provided phenomenal customer service and support at all times-sometimes going above and beyond. This is so hard to find and we really appreciated it.
  • You took the time to explain our system when the Plumbing Contractor didn't-and even picked up on some of the mess they left behind.
  • You have continued to support us with additional value add ideas and options for our property­including visiting us when it has been out of your way.
  • You continued to liaise with us until you were convinced we were happy.
In summary, you are one of the very few contractors that we had during our home building project that we had no problems with. I whole-heartedly recommend the services of Barr Plastics to anyone wanting to install a water supply in a challenging setting."
Lawrence Watkins, Abbotsford, BC
"We appreciate the high level of service and quality products offered by BARR Plastics Inc. and would refer them to any industry requiring industrial plastic container solutions."
Ron Irwin, VP Operations, Meadowfresh Dairy Corp
"I am very satisfied with Barr Plastics. I received detailed and comprehensive technical advice in our deliberations as to what size and type of floatation we needed. The billets have a high degree of durability so transportation proved to be no problem, and they arrived in pristine condition, ready for immediate use. Styrofoam and polyurethane foam we had used previously was often damaged in shipping, and the foam blocks still required treatment to seal them. This had been costly and time consuming, took many hours of labour, and was somewhat weather dependant, so it was something I definitely wanted to avoid. We build docks in the winter off-season, so weather can play a real factor in our rate of progress. The Barr Plastics billets met cost/durability criteria, they were ready to use immediately, and they were easy to incorporate in our dock designs. I still have some older docks to be replaced in the near future, and I am planning on again using Barr Plastics roto-molded flotation for the construction of these docks. "
P.W.S. Deacon, President, Thetis Island Resorts
"On Tuesday, August 20, I was heading home to Kamloops but developed a flat rire on my motorcycle. It was right next to Barr Plastics, so I walked over to see if I could get some help. Leah, the receptionist, was very friendly and helpful. She mentioned that another employee, Jeff, was a motorcyclist, and called him to the front. Jeff just happened to have is motorcycle trailer with him at work that day and offered to rescue my stranded bike off the side of the highway. Jeff got me to 3D Cycles for the repair, but as it was the end of the day, I had to wait until the morning. Ron, the technician at 3D, actually came in early to do the flat repair, so I could make my 3:30 afternoon shift at Kamloops Transit. So I just wanted to let everyone in Abbotsford know that you have awesome people. If you end up with a breakdown, Abbotsford is the place to have it."
Chris Kempling, Kamloops, BC

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