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Tank Stands

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Standard general purpose tank stands are available for smaller vertical and open top tanks up to approximately 300 USG capacity. To select a stand, match tank diameter to a similar sized stand. Stands are available to support some tanks with a flat or full-drain sloped bottom.

BARR manufactures custom sized stands as well for any size of plastic tank or can simply modify heights of standard stands to meet specific applications and plant configurations. Other custom options are available such as attachments and fixtures for pumps, mixers, piping, etc. and all stainless steel stands for corrosive environments. To view corresponding tanks, please see Vertical Storage Tanks - Commercial, Vertical Water Only Tanks and Open Top Tanks.

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Part # Diameter (in)
Height (in)
Description Weight (lbs)
OC023-STP302823" Poly Cone Bottom Stand (adaptor required # 19506 Flat Bottom Tanks)45
19505362523" Poly Stand Adaptor, use with OC023-STP for Flat Bottom Tanks7
OC036-STP443036" Poly Cone Bottom Stand (adaptor required # 19507 Flat Bottom Tanks)92
1950736636" Poly Stand Adaptor, use with OC036-STP for Flat Bottom Tanks15
VT28/31-STP +3924Poly Tank Stand for up to 36" D Flat Bottom Tanks35
VT-ST052FF5236Poly, Foam Filled Tanks Stankd for upt o 52" D Flat Bottom Tanks201
VT160-28ST3026Metal Stand for up to 160 USG Vertical Tank83
VT265-31ST3326Metal Stand for up to 265 USG Vertical Tank89
VT300-35ST3738Metal Stand for up to 300 USG Vertical Tanks114
+ = Can be Shipped by UPS

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