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Submersible Rainwater Harvesting Pumps

Submersible Rainwater Harvesting Pumps and Controls at BARR Plastics

Submersible Rainwater Harvesting Pumps

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Ecovort (red & black):

The Ecovort pump is perfect for pumping dirty water containing particles up to 1 1/4" in diameter, great for your next drainage project or to transfer rainwater from a collection sump to a higher storage vessel. This pump is manufactured with non-corrosive, rust proof materials and a ceramic shaft sleeve to ensure a long lifespan and its energy efficient motor is build with overload protection and stainless steel shaft. Oil free operation. Pump will operate if partially submerged. Comes with a 16' power cord and an elbow with an "o" ring for a superior seal. Available in either an automatic or manual start/stop version.

Divertron & Divertron-X (black & stainless steel):

With automatic on/off as a standard feature, this pump is an easy to use solution for your rainwater harvesting system. Built in sensor measure pressure and flow rate. Dry-run protection is included in this high performance, four-stage pump design. The Divertron X model is equipped with a 1" FPT stainless steel intake fitting for use with floating suction assemblies, while the standard Divertron model has a screened intake around the bottom of the pump. No wiring or pump start relay required for irrigation systems. Connect to a 115V AC outlet with the supplied 48' power cord. Rated for a max 157' max Total Dynamic Head (TDH).

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Part # / Model Motor Type & HP Max. PSI / Head Max. Flow Capacity Inlet / Outlet Size Liquid Temp. Electrical
Seal Type Pump Housing Solid Handling Impeller Type Power Cord
ECOVORT 520-520 AElectric, 1/3HP28ft60 GPM1 1/4" / 1 1/4"
120  F / 49  C115 V, 6.5 AMP, 1PHEPDMPolypropyleneMAX 1 1/4Polypropylene16 ft
Divertron 1200X / 60113167Electric, 1 HP157 ft25 GPM1" / 1"120  F / 49  C115 V, 10 AMP MAX, 1PHEPDMPolypropyleneNOPolypropylene48 ft
Divertron 1200 / 60113145Electric, 3/4 HP118 ft25 GPM1" Bottom Screen Intake / 1"120  F / 49  C115 V, 10 AMP MAX, 1PHEPDMPolypropyleneNOPolypropylene48 ft
ECOVORT 510-510 AElectric, 1/3HP15 ft34 GPM1 1/4" Bottom Screen Intake / 1 1/4"120  F / 49  C115 V, 3 AMP, 1PHEPDMPolypropyleneMAX 1 1/4Polypropylene16 ft

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