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Strainer Baskets

Plastic Tank Strainer Baskets at BARR Plastics
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Part # Description Weight (lbs)
200SBS2" Suction Basket StrainerN/A
300SBS 3" Suction Basket StrainerN/A
3001168" All Poly Basket Strainer (5"depth)N/A
30012012" All Poly Basket Strainer (7"depth)N/A
TASS0612" Basket with stainless steel screenN/A
30012615" Basket StrainerN/A
194695" Lid Basket 1
3002128" Short Basket Strainer White 1
66300.060516" Water Fabric Basket Filter 40 Micron 1
16" Strainer Basket with stainless steel screen. N/A


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