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Storm Sentinel Drain Catch Basins

storm sentinel square insert installation

Storm Sentinel Drain Catch Basins

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Trap pollutants and control contaminants from entering water systems. Storm Sentinel Catch Basin Inserts are the ideal products for preventing harmful pollutants from washing into storm drains. These framed models come complete with an adjustable steel wire frame for simple, one-person installation and removal. Inserts sit below the grate, making them low-profile and unobtrusive.

The Storm Sentinel™ Drain Protection Inserts help companies comply with Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans and Stormwater Best Management Practices by protecting your storm drains and catch basins. It is the sure way to catch oil and sediment headed into storm drains and sewers. Equipped with an oil-absorbent media in a screened bag, the Storm Sentinel™ guards against any potential discharge. The geotextile fabric prevents contaminated sediment from washing into the drain, protecting you from fines and fees. The filter requires no special tools to install and it fits any rectangular catch basin up to 24" x 36" and round basins up to 24" x 26". Custom sizes are available.

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Part #Description
ENP4340-BGStorm Sentinel - Sediment Only (round) 27" to 29"
ENP4340-IB-BGSediment & Oil, Round Storm Sentinel 27" to 29"
ENP4341-BGStorm Sentinel Catch Basin Insert - Sediment, Rectangle 16" x 20" to 28" to 36"
ENP4341-IB-BGSediment & Oil, Rectangular Storm Sentinel 16" x 20" to 28" x 36"

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