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Standard Spill Trays

Polyethylene spill pads

Standard Spill Trays

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Poly Spill Pads (1st image on the left)

Lightweight Poly Spill Pads handle spent batteries, 5-gallon pails, 16-gallon drums, and the messiest of “smaller” jobs. Their sturdy inner polyethylene grate is fully removable to allow easy access to the pump while their vinyl berm keeps incidental spills contained.  Plus, the large sump area allows for an extended response times when spills happen. Use them on plant floors or to prevent incidental spills on the go.

Poly Lab Tray (2nd image on the left)

Reduce spills and overflow of liquid and free-flowing powder chemicals during transfer of material in the laboratory. The large surface of the Poly Lab Tray holds four (4) 1-gallon bottles (up to 40 lbs. static load weight) and features a 2.5 gallon sump capacity. This also makes it perfect for mixing small containers at production sites. The low profile unit is only 3" high and has a small 25" x 21.5" footprint. There are also no metal parts on the unit to rust or corrode.

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Part #DescriptionDimensions (L x W x H)WeightSump Capacity
Poly Spill Pads
ENP5600-YEPOLY-SPILL PAD 2' x 2' x 2"24" x 24" x 2"11 lbs / 5 kg2 gal / 7.6 liters
ENP5610-YEPOLY-SPILL PAD 2' x 4' x 2"48" x 24" x 2"20 lbs / 9.07 kg7.5 gal / 28.5 liters
ENP5620-YEPOLY-SPILL PAD 4' x 4' x 2"48" x 48" x 2"40 lbs / 18.14 kg12 gal / 45.5 liters
Poly LabTray
ENP5248-YELAB TRAY25.5" x 22" x 3.25"3.8 lbs / 1.7 kg2.5 gal / 9.4 liters

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