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Stainless Steel Floating Filters

Picture WISY Stainless Steel Floating Filter

Stainless Steel Floating Filters

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The best method to suction in rainwater from your tank

Floats are made from environmentally friendly polyethylene, while the mesh is made from stainless steel. 0.3 mm and 1.2 mm mesh sizes available.

These filters protect your pump from suctioning any debris that may make it into your rainwater tank. The nozzles at the floating filters are rounded in order to protect the hoses. The hose remains fully functional and durable even when the float frequently changes position in the tank. The nozzles are also equipped with a flared collar to allow secure attachment of the hose.

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Part # / ModelReturn ValveMesh Size (mm)Connection Size (in)Filter Surface (cm2)Fiter Height x Diameter (mm)Float Diameter (cm)
330326 / SAFFNo0.321100235 x 22022
333007 / SAGFNo1.21165110 x 6015
333009 / SAGFNo1.2230150 x 10015

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