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Stainless Steel Bolted Fittings

Stainless Steel Bolted Fittings at BARR Plastics

Stainless Steel Bolted Fittings

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If you're looking for a very durable, leak and corrosion resistant fitting option to connect to your tank wall, our stainless steel bolted bulkheads serve as a reliable solution.

Bolts are threaded into the back plate of the fitting, so there are no welds or bolt holes that can be potential points of leakage. They come standard without a gasket (with the exception of the 4") and require a single gasket that is installed on the inside of the tank. Available gaskets are cross-linked foam polyethylene, EPDM and Viton (4" fitting comes standard with a cross-linked foam polyethylene gasket).

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Part # Size (in) Box/Case Qty. Description
632161/236316 Stainless steel, double threaded
642513/436316 Stainless steel, double threaded bolted fitting, w/EPDM gasket
62948136316 Stainless steel, double threaded
632051/2-1100EPDM gasket for 63216, 64251 and 62948
632241/2-1100Viton gasket for 63216, 64251 and 62948
629501/2-1100Cross-linked polyethylene gasket for 63216, 64251 and 62948
630361 1/436316 Stainless steel, double threaded bolted fitting, less gasket
630411 1/4100Cross-linked polyethylene gasket for 63036
642531 1/2100316 Stainless steel, double threaded
634261 1/2100EPDM gasket for 63426
630421 1/2100Cross-linked polyethylene gasket for 63426
6303828316 Stainless steel, double threaded
6284728316 Stainless steel, single threaded bolted fitting, less gasket
63206250EPDM gasket for 63038 & 62847
63225250Viton gasket for 63038 & 62847
62848250Cross-linked polyethylene gasket for 63038 & 62847
6303934316 Stainless steel, double threaded
6323334316 Stainless steel, single threaded
63223325EPDM Gasket for 63039 & 63233
63226325Viton Gasket for 63039 & 63233
61043325Cross-linked polyethylene gasket for 63039 & 63233
6306944316 Stainless steel, double threaded
63689425Cross-linked polyethylene gasket for 63069

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