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Sorbent Socks & Booms

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Sorbent Socks & Booms

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Sorbent Socks:

Surround your spill and stop the spread in its tracks! Choose from Oily Only, Universal, and Aggressive absorbent socks to best suit your needs. Universal socks will soak up most liquids, Oil Only socks are ideal for soaking up oil and hydrocarbons, and Aggressive socks can be used to clean up corrosive, flammable, or unknown substances.

Sorbent Booms:

Sorbent booms will soak up strictly oil and not water, making them perfect to surround spills on top of water sources. Ideal for catch basins, sumps, marinas, and industrial applications, these booms can be linked together to cover a wide area.

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Part #DescriptionDiameterLengthBox Qty.
ENP-PS12Oil-Only Sock3"4'12
ENP-PS10Oil-Only Sock3"10'4
ENP-GS4Universal Sock3"4'40
ENP-GS10Universal Sock3"10'15
ENP-HAZSOC12Aggressive Sock3"4'12
ENP-HAZSOC10Aggressive Sock3"10'4
ENP-WB510Oil-Only Boom5"10'4
ENP-WB810Oil-Only Boom8"10'4

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