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Solid Wall ProBin Containers

Solid Wall ProBin Containers

Solid Wall ProBin Containers

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These one-piece heavy duty, injection-molded bulk containers provide a sanitary solution for all your materials handling needs. Like Vented Wall Bins, the Pro Bins' nonporous surfaces won’t absorb water or dehydrate your product like wood bins (plus you can say goodbye to splinters), and they hold a constant tare weight throughout their everyday use.

The easy-to-sanitize FDA-approved bins are very lightweight and feature rounded corners and smooth surfaces, making them ideal for the food manufacturing and agricultural industries where easy transfer of materials in and out of the bin becomes a necessity.

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Part # / DrawingCapacityWidth (in) OD/IDLength (in) OD/IDHeight (in) OD/IDMaterialTare WeightOrdering Options
USGLTRCubic FeetLbs/Kgs
16-S12045416120047 / 4447 / 4422 / 16FDA Approved PP81 lbsTruckload Only
24-S17666623.5120047 / 4447 / 4428' / 22FDA Approved PP92 lbsSingle or Multiple Units
26-S21581429130048 / 4448 / 4529 / 24FDA Approved PP92 lbsTruckload Only
28-S24090832130049 / 4649 / 4631 / 26FDA Approved PP96.5 lbsTruckload Only
32-S20376827130048 / 4545 / 4230 / 24FDA Approved PP90 lbsTruckload Only
33-S2256030130049 / 4646 / 4330 / 26FDA Approved PP93 lbsSingle or Multiple Units
34-S24392032130048 / 4545 / 4235 / 29FDA Approved PP100 lbsTruckload Only
44-S24191232200047 / 4439 / 3643 / 36FDA Approved PP124 lbsTruckload Only
48-S407154154300048 / 5548 / 4553 / 47FDA Approved PP184.5 lbsSingle or Multiple Units

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