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Smooth Clear PVC Transfer Hose

Clear PVC Transfer Hose at BARR Plastics

Smooth Clear PVC Transfer Hose

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  • NL2360 simplifies plumbing layouts and installations by replacing PVC pipe on hot tubs and spas.
  • It will readily form to desired contours without using elbows.
  • Unlike other hose, Spa Flex is measured by nominal pipe size as its OD is identical to the OD of PVC pipe to accommodate slip-on style glue fittings (when attaching PVC fittings, use PVC-to-flex cement).
  • Meets FDA and IAPMO plumbing requirements and is resistant to sun, ozone, weathering, and mildew.
  • Made from virgin resin and high quality DOP plasticizer to ensure long life.
  • Temperature Range: -24°C (-10°F) to +54°C (130°F).
  • Construction: Tube: Smooth, white PVC. Cover: Smooth, white PVC. Reinforcement: Rigid helix.
  • Typical Fittings: Standard schedule 40 glue-on PVC slip fittings.  
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Part # Size Box/Case Qty. Description
NL2115-075INSIDE 3/4 - OUSIDE 1.01100 ft6604
NL2115-100INSIDE 1 - OUTSIDE 1.27100 ft6605
NL2115-113INSIDE 1-1/8 - OUTSIDE 1.40100 ft6606
NL2115-125INSIDE 1-1/4 - OUTSIDE 1.50100 ft6607
NL2115-150INSIDE 1-1/2 - OUTSIDE1.82100 ft6608
NL2115-200INSIDE 2 - OUTSIDE 2.37100 ft6610
NL2115-250INSIDE 2-1/2 - OUTSIDE 2.90100 ft6611
NL2115-300INSIDE 3 - OUTSIDE 3.44100 ft6614
NL2115-400INSIDE 4 - OUTSIDE 4.53100 ft6612
NL2115-600INSIDE 6 - OUTSIDE 6.80100 ft6613

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