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Heavy Duty, Double Walled, Insulated, Bulk Handling & Storage Bins at BARR Plastics

D1000 Insulated Bin

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The D1000 insulated plastic container is a popular container, suited to a wide variety of uses including handling and storage of meat, poultry, and fish. It is particularly well suited for handling of fresh fish and for long term storage for brining. This D1000 plastic container is double-walled with a PUR core and a high insulation factor. It is frequently used to handle salted fish and is commonly used to handle raw materials like salt and ice. It is also equipped with strong, dependable hoisting grips and is compatible for use with fork lift and pallet jack on short sides.

Used extensively in the salting and aquaculture harvesting industries, this low profile insulated bin allows for even distribution of weight, resulting in even less damage to product than the standard 335 box. Comes standard with one drain and two options for lids.

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Item / DescriptionCapacityWidth (in) OD/IDLength (in) OD/IDHeight (in) OD/IDMaterialTare Weight (lbs)
Part # / Drawing
USGLTRCubic FeetLbs/Kgs
D Series Bin
264100035175 / 79.546.4 / 43.858.3/ 55.334.7 / 29.8Polyethylene175


Part # Description Weight (lbs)
C0102" Drain PlugN/A
C0502" O-Ring (For C010)N/A
C650SSmall Footpads for Promens BinsN/A
C650LLarge Footpads for Promens BinsN/A
C0151" Drain Plug to FPT AdapterN/A
C0161 1/2" Drain Plug to FPT AdapterN/A
C400Nylon Handle for Promens BinsN/A
C450Adjusting Stud for Promens BinsN/A
C465?"x?" EPDM 'D' Seal W/ Adhesive Backing (Black)N/A
C470BLARGE CLAMP (For D311,D337)N/A
C500Poly Rope for Promens BinsN/A
C5504 Hole Rubber Lid Strap for Promens BinsN/A
C5555 Hole Rubber Strap for EuroboxN/A
C600Corner Grommet for Promens BinsN/A
C610-SSStainless Steel Screws (For C600)N/A
YCLIPIB2400Y Clip Fastener for Promens BinsN/A

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