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Rubber Flex Couplers

Rubber Flex Couplers at BARR Plastics

Rubber Flex Couplers

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Our rubber flex couplers provide a positive seal against infiltration and exfiltration. They are leakproof, rootproof and are resistant to chemicals, ultraviolet rays, fungus growth, and normal sewer gases. They conform to ASTM D 5926, C 1173 and CSA B602 and connect pipes of same or different sizes and materials quickly and easily. The stainless steel clamps are corrosion-resistant and rustproof. Check out our website for more details.

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Part # Description Weight (lbs)
FL056-0222" Flexible Rubber CouplingN/A
FL056-0333" Flexible Rubber CouplingN/A
FL056-0444" Flexible Rubber CouplingN/A
FL056-0666" Flexible Rubber CouplingN/A
FL056-0888" Flexible Rubber CouplingN/A
FL056-0322" x 3" Flexible Rubber Reducer CouplingN/A
FL056-0422" x 4" Flexible Rubber Reducer CouplingN/A
FL056-0433" x 4" Flexible Rubber Reducer CouplingN/A
FL056-0644" x 6" Flexible Rubber Reducer CouplingN/A