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Retail Display Kiosk

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Retail Display Kiosk

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Creatively display fish or seafood using the kiosk and the optional sneeze guard. The sneeze guard covers merchandise while allowing employees easy access from the back of the display. Each Retail Display Kiosk is manufactured with FDA approved materials. These durable, portable, easy to clean kiosks will last through many years of use. Kiosks require no mechanical refrigeration, so they can be placed anywhere.

Every kiosk comes with our no-leak plug that ensures a tight fit. The base units are double wall constructed using quality polyethylene and thick polyurethane foam insulation. The ice tray is just as durable and is designed specifically for the kiosk.The optional two-piece sneeze guard is manufactured from high quality acrylic. Nylon wear foot pads help protect floors. Boxes are stackable 3-high (without sneeze guard and/or lid) saving valuable floor space.

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Part # Size (in)
(L x W x H)
Weight (lbs) Description
IB210040 x 48 x 2870KIOSK BASE
IB2100AC38 x 3 x 4770ACRYLIC COVER
IB2100IT40.5 x 48.5 x 661ICE TRAY
IB2100SG31 x 11 x 46613 SIDED SNEEZE GUARD

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