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Gutter Outlet

Rainwater Gutter Outlet at BARR Plastics

Gutter Outlet

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Large gutter outlets, when used with the Leaf Eater, Beater, and Catcher Rain Heads, allow high volumes of rainwater to pass freely from rooftops into storage tanks and drainage systems without blockage. A properly fitted gutter outlet will reduce the potential to catch foliage and pollutants travelling in the gutter, meaning less susceptibility to water pooling and associated damages such as gutter gardens or gutter corrosion.

Rain Harvesting Gutter Outlets come with all the product components you need for installation, meaning with the appropriate tools you can install with ease. All components are also able to be painted to match the aesthetic of the property.

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Part # Downspout Size Box/Case Qty. Description
Large Gutter Outlet Drain - fits 3" dia. downspout

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