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RACX Picture Frame Pallet

RACX Pallet Black

RACX Picture Frame Pallet

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These molded, one-piece pallets are a practical choice; lightweight, extremely durable, and long-lasting; pallets are fabricated using recycled HDPE plastics. The "picture frame" base (runners along all four sides of the pallet) allows for greater load handling capability when stacking multiple loaded pallets; the pallets are engineered so that the bottom pallet can handle the full static load when loaded pallets are stacked 2 or more high. These pallets are ideal for use in warehouse racking systems, other stack loading applications, floor storage, and more.

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Plastic Skid Units

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Part # Description Dimensions Dynamic Load Static Load Racking Load Tare Weight
DP4840Black standard pallet40" x 48" x 6.1"5000 lbs25000 lbs1500 lbs35 lbs

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