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PVC Swing & Swing Spring Check Valves

PVC Swing & Swing spring check valves at BARR Plastics

PVC Swing & Swing Spring Check Valves

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Prevent the backflow of water and wastewater in piping and liquid transfer systems with our quality selection of PVC swing valves and swing spring check valves.

They are often placed near the bottom of tanks, near the tank fill connections to prevent accidental draining of tank contents and protects Pumps from damage from accidental backflow through the pump when turned on.

These valves feature EPDM seals, suitable for water or wastewater (not suitable for chemicals and hydrocarbons. They're available with both slip/socket (SxS) threaded (TxT) end connections and are suitable for both horizontal (with back pressure) or vertical up-flow installations. They can be used in the vertical position as a foot valve as well.Rated to 150 PSI at 73°F full-flow (open) and 75 PSI at 73°F back pressure (closed).

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Add  "F"  to end of Part# for Threaded End Connections
Part # Size Box/Case Qty. Description
S1520-0073/4"1SCH40 Swing Check  -  SxS
S1580-0073/4"1SCH40 Spring/Swing  - SxS
S1520-0101"1SCH40 Swing Check  - SxS
SCH40 Spring/Swing  - SxS
S1520-0121 1/4"1SCH40 Swing Check  - SxS
S1580-0121 1/4"1SCH40 Spring/Swing  - SxS
1 1/2"1SCH40 Swing Check  - SxS
S1580-0151 1/2"1SCH40 Spring/Swing  - SxS
2"1SCH40 Swing Check  - SxS
S1280-0202"1SCH40 Spring/Swing  - SxS
S1520-0303"1SCH40 Swing Check  - SxS
S1580-0303"1SCH40 Spring/Swing  - SxS
S1520-0404"1SCH40 Swing Check  - SxS
S1580-0404"1SCH40 Spring/Swing  - SxS

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