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PVC SCH 80 Bulkhead Fittings

SCH80 Fittings at BARR Plastics

PVC SCH 80 Bulkhead Fittings

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The all-plastic construction on these bulkhead fittings means that you never have to deal with rust or corrosion of components. The fittings have a proven, rugged design, with a hexagonal body and EPDM or FPM (Viton) gasket seals. They are rated to 150 PSI.

Ready flanges are available to quickly and easily convert the bulkhead fitting to ANSI flange connection. PVC fittings come in Socket x Thread or Thread x Thread connections and CPVC fittings come in Socket x Thread connections.

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Part # BH Ftg. Size Hole Saw Size Box/Case Qty. Description
BFA1060SES68" 1SxS with EPDM Gasket
BFA1060SFS68" 1SxS with Viton Gasket
BFA1060TES68" 1TxT with EPDM Gasket
BFA1060TFS68" 1TxT with Viton Gasket
BFAS1040SES45-3/4" 1SxS with EPDM Gasket
BFAS1040SFS45-3/4" 1SxS with Viton Gasket
BFAS1040TES45-3/4" 1TxT with EPDM Gasket
BFAS1040TFS45-3/4" 1TxT with Viton Gasket
BFAS1030SES34-1/2" 1SxS with EPDM Gasket
BFAS1030SFS34-1/2" 1SxS with Viton Gasket
BFAS1030TES34-1/2" 1TxT wtith EPDM Gasket
BFAS1030TFS34-1/2" 1TxT with Viton Gasket
BFAS1020SES23-1/4" 10SxS with EPDM Gasket
BFAS1020SFS23-1/4" 10SxS with Viton Gasket
BFAS1020TES23-1/4" 10TxT with EPDM Gasket
BFAS1020TFS23-1/4" 10TxT with Viton Gasket
BFAS1015SES1-1/22-3/8" 10SxS with EPDM Gasket
BFAS1015SFS1-1/22-3/8" 10SxS w/ithViton Gasket
BFAS1015TES1-1/22-3/8" 10TxT with EPDM Gasket
BFAS1015TFS1-1/22-3/8" 10TxT with Viton Gasket
BFAS1010SES11-7/8" 10SxS with EPDM Gasket
BFAS1010SFS11-7/8" 10SxS with Viton Gasket
BFAS1010TES 11-7/8" 10TxT with EPDM Gasket
BFAS1010TFS11-7/8" 10TxT with Viton Gasket

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