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PVC Bolted Double Flange Fittings

PVC Bolted Double Flange Fittings at BARR Plastics

PVC Bolted Double Flange Fittings

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Choose your fitting from BARR and ensure your system operates smoothly for years. Stainless steel bolts on our PVC bolted double flange fittings secure the fittings to your tank effortlessly. They won't rust or corrode, offering long-lasting durability. Ask BARR how to configure your tank system exactly as you need for your application. Call us today!

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Part # Size Box/Case Qty. Description
BDFF04-PVC-SS-EF4"1SCH80 PVC EPDM Stainless Steel
BDFF06-PVC-SS-EF6"1SCH80 PVC EPDM Stainless Steel
BDFF08-PVC-SS-EF8"1SCH80 PVC EPDM Stainless Steel
BDFF10-PVC-SS-EF10"1SCH80 PVC EPDM Stainless Steel

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