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Polypropylene Flange Connect Flow Meters

PolyProplyene Flange Connect Flow Meters at BARR Plastics

Polypropylene Flange Connect Flow Meters

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BARR's handy glass-reinforced polypropylene Flange Connect Flow Meters measure water and most conductive liquids. They display overall total volume and batch total volume. The flow rate allows for gallons or litres per minute and the digital readout is in Metric or English.

This magnetic style meter has stainless steel electrodes and is self-calibrating. These flow meters are easy to use; with six (6) AA batteries and no moving parts to fail during use.

They can handle a temperature range from 0°F to 150°F with an accuracy of 99% from 30 to 300 GPM.

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MFM1001 1Polypropylene Flange Connect Flow Meter
FM1001 1Polypropylene Flange Connect Flow Meter
MFM2202 1Polypropylene Flange Connect Flow Meter

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