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PCO Tanks

PCO Utility Storage Tanks at BARR Plastics

PCO Tanks

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PCO tanks are well-suited for nursery, agriculture and lawn care applications to handle water and light chemicals. They feature self-supporting molded-in flat bottom legs and do not require saddles or steel supports. Additionally, molded-in flat areas on the tank provide mounting surfaces for small pumps and for agitation equipment or fittings. Plus, they're set for a long life in outdoor use, as they're manufactured with UV stabilizers.

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Capacity Part # / DrawingDia./ Width (in)
Length (in)
Height (in)
Lid/Fill Opening (in)
Fitting (in)
Weight (lbs)
USG IG LTR Premium Weight 1.5-1.7 SG Heavy Weight 1.9 SG
302511441254 +N/A1925235N/A16
3529132PCO035-16W +N/A1635215125
504218940664 +N/A1938228N/A26
5042189PCO050-19S *+N/A1938238125
1008337940668 +N/A3038288N/A41
10083379PCO100-30S *N/A3038298150
150125568PCO150-37S *N/A374829121-1/461
200167757PCO200-37S *N/A36-1/24838121-1/482
3002501136PCO300-37S *N/A376940162160
+ = May be Shipped by UPS
* = With Sump

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