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Pallet Bin 4840

Single Pallet Bin (grey)

Pallet Bin 4840

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The Pallet 4840 is a 40 bushel seed storage unit. This portable container is used in a variety of ways: to store screenings from seed cleaning, small quantities of pedigree and foundation seed for seed grows, leftover treated seed, feeds for livestock, and fertilizer for the everyday farmer. Think of it as a rigid, long lasting bulk bag, but instead of being cumbersome it is accessible, secure, and versatile.

  • Snap-on friction fit lid
  • Stack-able
  • Eyelets on each corner for overhead lifting
  • 1" metal bar and tube ring for increased structural stability
  • UV resistant high impact polyethylene plastic material
  • Weather and rodent resistant
  • Plastic construction allows for easy cleaning with water
  • Slip together for efficient shipping

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Part # Description Size (LxWxH) Slide Gate Opening Weight (lbs/kg) Bottom Slope
484048 Bushel/40 Cu. Ft. Unit48" W x 48" L x 51" H8" x 8"150 lbs.15 Degree Hopper Bottom Slope

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