Please contact BARR Plastics for warranty evaluation. BARR Plastics is not responsible for product damage resulting from accident, misuse or abuse, improper installation, operational conditions which exceed product's capability or lack of reasonable care. Upon confirmation of defects and approval for a Return Authorization, BARR Plastics will repair or replace defective products without charge. No responsibility is assumed by BARR for any type of labour required to remove, return or otherwise, or any special, incidental or consequential damages as BARR has no control over how or where products are installed and used.

We strongly suggest that anyone intending to rely on any recommendation or to use any parts or material mentioned in this website, in any of our catalogs, or provided by any BARR representative, should satisfy themselves as to such suitability for their particular application and that all applicable safety and health standards are met.

Most product warranties for any defect are provided for 1 year from the date of invoice and are generally provided by the Manufacturer and facilitated by BARR. Please contact a BARR Customer Service Agent for any other specific Warranty Information.

The only reliable means for making a final selection of any product(s) is actual field testing under the conditions of intended use and this responsibility rests solely with the purchaser.