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Norwesco Low Profile Septic Tanks

Heavy Duty Low Profile Septic Tanks at BARR Plastics

Norwesco Low Profile Septic Tanks

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Shop our Norwesco Low-profile septic tanks. This septic tank is heavy-duty and rotationally molded, providing leak free reliability. Both single and dual chamber options available, with fitting holes already in place for easy installation.

All sizesabove 500 USGare CSA approved and can be used for septic or pump tank. These tanks can also be used for general non-potable water storage.

Access openings and lids accept Norwesco low profile manhole extensions, double-wall corrugated pipe and ribbed PVC pipe. BARR’s experts can walk you through any modifications you may need and offer modifications in-house.

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Low Profile Heavy Duty Septic Tanks
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CapacityUSA Part #/ DrawingCA Part #Dia./ Width (in)Length (in)Height (in)Lid/Fill Opening (in)Weight (lbs)
500416189341320 (single chamber)N/A51101421-20174
50041618934132 (pre-plumbed)N/A51101421-20174
1000833378542405 (single chamber)N/A60127512 - 20357
1000833378543517 (dual chamber)4494860127512 - 20357
12501041473243519 (single chamber)N/A60157512 - 20423
12501041473243503 (dual chamber)N/A60157512 - 20423
15001249567843518 (single chamber)N/A69157512 - 20581
15001249567843504 (dual chamber)4417369157512 - 20581
Part # (US)Part # (CA)Size (in)DescriptionWeight (lbs)
63832642336 H x 20 DLow Profile Manhole Extension9
638336419215 H x 20 DLow Profile Manhole Extension13
639846398424 H x 20 DLow Profile Manhole Extension15
63672N/A20 DLow Profile Septic/Cistern tank lid with gasket3
62406N/A#14 x 1-1/4SS self tapping screw - 4 needed for #62408 lid<1
63151N/AN/ASeptic Adapter SDR35 with nut & EPDM Gasket3
63152N/AN/ASeptic Adapter SCH40 with nut & EPDM gasket4

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