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Myers P Series Effluent Pumps

Myers Effluent Pump Systems at BARR Plastics

Myers P Series Effluent Pumps

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The Myers Effluent P-Series pumps are designed for years of maintenance-free, reliable operation. A single-vane, enclosed impeller provides a steep, non-overloading performance curve for pressure collection and ST.E.P. systems, outperforming most pumps in its class. Plus, the enclosed impeller eliminates the possibility of jamming or corrosion between impeller and volute.

The pumps feature high-torque, permanent split capacitor (PSC), single-phase motors; no starting switches or relays to wear out. The pumps are oil-filled to provide maximum heat dissipation and continuous bearing lubrication. Provided a double tandem seal configuration for extra motor protection, you’ll have a pump that will conquer tough effluent pumping applications.

Additional features include optional seal leak probes to warn of seal leak condition, helping prevent costly motor damage.The pump also has on-winding current and temperature-sensitive overload to protect against costly burnout. If wear should ever occur, the volute seal ring is replaceable to restores pump to original performance. The motor is held in place by 4 screws so it is easily removed if service is ever needed.

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Part # / Model Motor Type & HP Max. PSI / Head Max. Flow Capacity Inlet / Outlet Size Liquid Temp. Electrical
Seal Type Pump Housing Solid Handling Impeller Type Power Cord
P51 & P521/2 HP 3450 RPM, 60Hz80 ft57 GPM3/460°C Max115V or 230V Oil-Filled, Permanent Split Capacitor TypeN/ACast Iron3/4 MaxN/A20 ft., 14/3, SJOW, SJOW-A
P1021 HP 3450 RPM, 60Hz124 ft68 GPM3/460°C Max230V,Oil-Filled Permanent Split Capacitor TypeN/ACast Iron3/4N/A20 ft., 14/3, SJOW, SJOW-A

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