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Myers ME3 Series Effluent & Drainage Pumps

Myers Effluent Pump Systems at BARR Plastics

Myers ME3 Series Effluent & Drainage Pumps

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The overload protected, shaded pole motor eliminates starting switches and relays which are prone to fail. It is also oil-filled for maximum heat dissipation and continuous bearing lubrication. The heavy cast iron motor housing and volute case dissipate heat, allowing the motor to run cooler for extended life.

The field-tested, wide-angle, mercury-free mechanical float switch is used for maximum drawdown (automatic piggyback models only) and automatic pump models can be operated manually by unplugging piggyback switch and plugging pump directly into outlet.

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Part # / Model Motor Type & HP Max. PSI / Head Max. Flow Capacity Inlet / Outlet Size Liquid Temp. Electrical
Seal Type Pump Housing Solid Handling Impeller Type Power Cord
ME3H1/3 HP, 1550 RPM Shaded Pole, Oil-Filled36 ft35 GPM3/460°C Max115V, 12A, 60Hz -230V, 6A,60HzCarbon/CermaicHeavy Cast Iron3/4Recessed20 in., 16/3, SJTW
ME3F1/3 HP, 1550 RPM Shaded Pole, Oil-Filled31 ft66 GPM3/460°C Max115V, 12A, 60Hz - 230V, 6A, 60HzCarbon/CeramicHeavy Cast Iron3/4Enclosed20 in., 16/3, SJTW

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