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Marker & Regulatory Buoys

Marker & Regulatory Buoys at BARR Plastics

Marker & Regulatory Buoys

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Note: These items are all special order. If you are looking for more readily available options, check out our Transport Canada Approved Mooring Buoys.

Featuring rotationally molded high density polyethylene shells and uniform wall thickness, our marker and regulatory buoys eliminate the internal stresses that cause cracking. Each buoy is UV-protected so colors will stay vivid for years. Combine them with a handy assortment of buoy labels , and you will have no trouble relaying important messages to passerby in the water.

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Part # / Model Height (in) Max Diameter (in) Description Buoyancy (lbs)

Can Shaped Buoys

TM950300 48 24 Danger Can Shaped Buoy 235
TM950400 49 18 Green Can Shaped Buoy 40
TM46104 49 18 White Can Shaped Buoy 40

Nun Shaped Buoys

TM950410 49 18 Red Nun Shaped Buoy 40
950280 48 24 Green Can Shaped Buoy 235

Other Shaped Buoys

TM46103 61 9 Long Tube Shape Buoy 15

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