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Industrial Horizontal Leg Tanks & Accessories

Industrial Horizontal Leg Tanks at BARR Plastics

Industrial Horizontal Leg Tanks & Accessories

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Our industrial-grade tanks can be configured with specific material options, allowing them to be used for a diverse range of applications including handling of chemicals like acids and caustics. For all of our industrial tanks, the highest quality HDLPE and XLPE resins are used. They're UV stabilized for long-term outdoor use, have a low profile design for added safety in transport and are available in black or white. Additionally, many of the tanks have molded-in heavy duty lifting lugs and are available with IBC 2006 seismic and 150 mph wind restraint tie-down systems.

These tanks are manufactured with stringent quality controls and documented processes (ASTM-1998-06) with standard specific gravities up to 1.9. Tanks are available with a wide variety of fittings, accessories and add-ons. BARR can custom modify any of these HDLPE tanks to your specification. To find your required accessories, view ValvesFittingsPumps  and  Hose & Hose Clamps or contact BARR for assistance in selecting the best products for your application.

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Horizontal Leg Tanks
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Capacity Part # / Drawing Dia./ Width (in)
Length (in)
Height (in)
Lid/Fill Opening (in)
Fitting (in)
Weight (lbs)
Horizontal Leg Tank Hold-Down Bands & Accessories
Part # Size Description No. of Bands
994002226 N/AHold-Down Band for 2600 USG Tank # 8470000N--4**
459033 N/AHold-Down Band for 3400 USG Tank # 7520000N--4**
** = Hold-Down Bands are necessary on tanks 730 USG sizes and larger to add structural support, to ensure the tank keeps its shape and integrity and also to meet the requirements of the Manufacturers Warranty.

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