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In-Ground Water Diverter

In-Ground Water Diverter

In-Ground Water Diverter

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In-Ground Water Diverters provide an innovative and cost saving solution to convert a “wet” system to a “dry” system. To reduce freezing, water is diverted below the freezing level of the ground. On a sloping site, this diverter ensures that the water that would normally remain in the pipes empties out. Just add 12” dia. PVC pipe cut to the appropriate length to create the size of water diverter vessel that is required, depending on your site conditions.

Note that all collected rainwater should pass through a first flush diverter that automatically collects and diverts at least the first 0.02 inches (0.5mm) of rain at the beginning of a rainfall event. The quantity of water diverted is 10.4 gal for 1000 ft of catchment area (50 litres/100m). The diverted water can be discharged to an acceptable location such as a flower bed or drainage system.

Ask a BARR Rainwater Systems specialist to help determine the size of chamber you require, and be sure to ask about all the related accessories needed to complete your rainwater collection and delivery system, or use the following guideline to size your diverter chamber.

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