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Heavy Duty Monster Bin 2800 Series

Stackable Monster Bins 2800 Series at BARR Plastics
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Item / Description Capacity Width (in) Length (in) Height (in) Material Part # / Drawing
USG LTR Cubic Feet Lbs/Kgs
2-WAY ENTRY22284030N/A444833POLYETHLYENE2833
2-WAY ENTRY24492433N/A444836POLYETHLYENE2836
2-WAY ENTRY265100336N/A444839POLYETHLYENE2839
2-WAY ENTRY288109039N/A444842POLYETHLYENE2842
2-WAY SERIES311117742N/A444845POLYETHLYENE2845
2-WAY ENTRY333126145N/A444848POLYETHLYENE2848
2-WAY ENTRY355134447N/A444851POLYETHLYENE2851
2-WAY ENTRY355134448N/A444851POLYETHLYENE2857
2-WAY ENTRY377142751N/A444856POLYETHLYENE2856