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Heavy Duty Monster Bin 2700 Series

Heavy Duty Monster Bin 2700 Series at BARR Plastics

Heavy Duty Monster Bin 2700 Series

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The seamless, one-piece construction of these monster bins allows for easy cleaning and sanitation. Its lighter weight allows the bin to be much easier handled than stainless steel bins, and they cost less too.

Their extra thick corners and base resists impact and wear while their reinforced top edge adds strength and resists splitting. They are nestable and stackable 2-high with optional lids and the 2700 series bins have a footprint of 48"l x 44"w.

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Item / Description Capacity Width Length Height Material Part # / Drawing
USG LTR Cubic Feet Lbs/Kgs
4 WAY ENTRY22284030N/A444833POLYETHYLENE2733
4-WAY ENTRY24492433N/A444836POLYETHYLENE2736
4-WAY ENTRY265100339N/A444839POLYETHLYENE2739
4-WAY ENTRY288109039N/A444842POLYETHLYENE2742
4-WAY ENTRY311117742N/A444845POLYETHYLENE2745
4-WAY ENTRY333126145N/A444848POLYETHLYENE2748
4-WAY ENTRY355134448N/A444851POLYETHLYENE2751
4-WAY ENTRY377142751N/A444856POLYETHYLENE2756