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GRAF Vario Flex Shaft System for Ecobloc

GRAF Vario Flex Shaft System

GRAF Vario Flex Shaft System for Ecobloc

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The Vario 800 Flex Shaft System provides even more flexibility to your Ecobloc system, the shaft can be fully integrated into an Ecobloc retention / detention system with no restrictions on the position it is placed. The corner position enables the connection of large pipe diameters of up to 16” on the two side panels. The central position offers ideal access to the inspection camera from all directions. Using the optional Graf Universal Shaft inlet module, a connection of up to 12” can be made with a freely defined angle. The recommended inlet module rotates 360° for precise positioning for optimal connections to be made. A 23.6” clearance allows for optimal accessibility.

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Part # / Model Size Description
45005031.4" x 31.4" x 14"GRAF Vario 800 Flex Type 1 Module (For one layer of Ecobloc)
45005131.4" x 31.4" x 26"GRAF Vario 800 Flex Type 2 Module (For two layers of Ecobloc)
450052N/AGRAF Vario 800 Flex Base & Cover Set
330360N/AInfiltrator Inlet Module w/ Telescopic Tank Dome Seal
371003N/AManway Extension (Length: 11.8")

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