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GRAF Universal Shaft Modular Sump Chamber

Graf Stormwater Filter Chamber Universal Shaft Style at BARR Plastics

GRAF Universal Shaft Modular Sump Chamber

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The Infiltration shaft system basically comprises an inlet and distributor module of either 16" or 24" in diameter. The appropriate cover can be selected depending on the load class required (up to class D). Shaft extensions between the two main modules (also above the inlet module with the 24" diameter version) ensure a simple connection even for infiltration systems with high earth coverings.

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Part # / Model Size (in) Description Weight (lbs)
330360N/AInfiltration Inlet Module (DN600 Series)N/A
340523N/AInfiltration Filter Strainer (DN600 Series)N/A
33036221" - 9"Infiltration Connecting Piece (21" - 9" Usable Length) (DN600 Series)N/A
37100312"Infiltration Connecting Piece (12" Usable Length)(DN600 Series)N/A
330361N/AInfiltration Distributor Module (DN600 Series)N/A
330598N/AInfiltration Choke Drain (DN600 Series)N/A

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