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GRAF Universal 3 Industrial Filter Chamber

GRAF Universal 3 Industrial Loading External Filter at BARR Plastics

GRAF Universal 3 Industrial Filter Chamber

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Designed for roof areas up to 13,000 sqft (8") and 8000 sqft (6") the Universal 3 filter package is ideal for your next system. Variable installation from 31" - 48" allows for flexible installation and integration with standard SDR35 piping (bell end) allows for easy connection to existing systems. The included PVC Gasketed Drain Pipe connects directly to inlets/outlets or through the use of a rubber coupler. This system is available standard with pedestrian loading. Vehicle loading is available as an extra. The Universal 3 Industrial filter is an economical, commercial filter chamber for stormwater filtration and infiltration, as well as rainwater collection.

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340050Universal Industrial Filter 3, Suitable for Pedestrian Loading

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