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BARR StormStop Retention & Detention Tank Systems

GRAF Stormwater Retention / Detention Solutions at BARR Plastics

BARR StormStop Retention & Detention Tank Systems

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Our modular below ground tank systems can provide from 450 gallons (1710 L) to many thousand gallons of retention / detention volume for single home residential up to commercial industrial stormwater infrastructure. A variety of stormwater filter chambers are also available from BARR to screen debris from sustainable drainage and infiltration systems and even remove and absorb hydrocarbons.

Below ground infiltration chambers for onsite infiltration of stormwater are ideal to redirect stormwater runoff from overwhelmed city drainage systems and wastewater treatment plants and also prevent pollution from entering centralized drainage systems and into waterways, lakes and oceans.

Contact a BARR Stormwater components specialist today to help configure the system you require.

Note: The systems listed below can have extension tanks (available to match all of the sizes below) attached in a modular fashion to expand the capacity of the systems.

Are you an engineer or designer?

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Part # / Model Capacity Description Tank Weight (lbs)
2002014223521600Herkules 1600L Stormwater Detention Infiltration Tank132
370500700 583 2700Carat 2700L Stormwater Retention / Detention System265
37050110008333750Carat 3750L Stormwater Retention / Detention System331
370502125010414800Carat 4800L Stormwater Retention / Detention System408
370503170014166500Carat 6500L Stormwater Retention / Detention System485
372014170014166500Carat 6500L Extension Tank490

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