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Filter Package 3

Graf Carat S Internal Filter Package 3 at BARR Plastics

Filter Package 3

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The Optimax-Pro Filter can be integrated into the basic Carat S tank. The convenient, low maintenance solution with self-cleaning filter and 95% water yield. This system utilizes an inflow stilling system to control water inflow and a Spannfix connection sleeve allows for seamless integration into your existing system. It can also be fitted with an Opticlean cleaning unit to provide a comprehensive self-cleaning unit directly within the filter. Tank and filter overflow are connected to the sewer network with this filter package with included overflow siphon and rodent guard keeping your water supply safe and clean.

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Part # / Model Size Description Weight (lbs)
342005N/AIncludes: Internal Optimax-Pro (self cleaning ) filter, Iflow stilling system for controlling the water inflow, Overflow siphon with rodent guard function, spannfix pipe connection sleeveN/A

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