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Filter Package 2

Graf Carat S Internal Filter Package 2 at BARR Plastics

Filter Package 2

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This filter package is ideal if you need a water yield of 100%, or if the tank’s overflow is connected to an infiltration plant rather than the sewer network. Utilizing a Universal 3 Filter, collected debris can be easily removed with the handle. Integration is easy with the included Spannfix pipe connection sleeve, simply wrap around the connection area and tighten and you have a maintainable, modifiable solution to future-proof your system. To ensure that unnecessary strain on the products are avoided, an inflow stilling system is included to control the water flow into your tank and an overflow siphon / rodent guard combo protect your water on its way out.

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Part # / Model Size Description Weight (lbs)
342002N/AIncludes: Internal Univeral Filter 3, Inflow stilling system for controlling the water inflow, Overflow siphon and rodent guard, Spannfix pipe connection sleeveN/A
340022N/AInternal filter only, uses standard 4 connectionN/A
340056N/AReplacement internal filter basketN/A

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