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GRAF Ecobloc Light Stormwater Block

GRAF EcoBloc Flex block and side panel

GRAF Ecobloc Light Stormwater Block

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The Ecobloc Light high storage volume GRAF stormwater infiltration modules have three times the storage volume of a standard gravel infiltration ditch. One module therefore takes the place of around 1300 kg (1,4 tons) of gravel or a 50 m (164') drainage pipe. Since you don't have to excavate so much soil and enjoy great value for money compared with a standard gravel infiltration ditch, the GRAF modules save you hard-earned cash! The GRAF EcoBloc system is designed for a stormwater flow control service life of over 50 years. The modules are easy and quick to install. This means that up to 14 layers are possible. Please consult BARR Plastics when the installation depth is greater than 5 metres.

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Part # / Model Size Description Weight (lbs)
402300 31" x 31" x 14"
GRAF EcoBloc Light (59USG / 225L) 15.4
402301 31" x 31" x 1.5" GRAF EcoBloc Light Baseplate (1 Module) N/A
402303 N/A GRAF EcoBloc Light End Plates (Set of 2) N/A
402028 N/A GRAF EcoBloc Connectors (Set of 25) N/A

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