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Flowmaster Hopper Bins

Cone Bottom Hopper Bins form BONAR at BARR Plastics

Flowmaster Hopper Bins

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The Flowmaster heavy duty, sloped bottom bins are ideal for both dry and liquid bulk goods handling, blending, dispensing and transport. Use for food and chemical ingredients such as powders, pellets, granules, flakes, chunks, light and heavy liquids, viscous liquids and more in the food & beverage, chemical, agricultural, industrial manufacturing and materials recycling industries.

The heavy duty 1/2 inch thick walls and lid of the Flowmaster are manufactured with 100% HDPE food grade material, are FDA and CFIA approved, highly corrosion-resistant, easy on plant floors and easy to clean and sanitize inside and out.

Top openings are available in lid sizes up to 22 inches in diameter or full open tops with lid. BARR can customize other fitting and discharge options and mount accessory components and fixtures as required. Proprietary company and product information can also be permanently embossed on the container walls by BARR.

Standard models come with a polypropylene slide gate though aluminum options are available upon request. The hopper features optional top forklift brackets and overhead lifting lugs, plus seismic tie down capabilities. The containers can be stacked up to three high

Stands can be molded with extended legs for clearances up to approimately. 48 inches below bottom of hopper discharge point to place bins, carts or other containers under the hopper.

UN certified IBC design models (pending).
Speak with a BARR Materials Handling Expert today to help you make a reliable, long-term investment in Flowmaster Hopper Bins that will pay for themselves many times over and win you many fans in the plant !

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All bins shown in table below are listed with 8" or 12" Stainless Steel Slide Gate Valve for use with Dry Materials.
Optional 2" and 3" Bottom Liquid Discharge Fittings and Valves are available for Flowmaster Bins as well.
Item / Description Capacity Width Length Height Material
Outlet Size
Part # / Drawing
USG LTR Cubic Feet
45° Closed Top Bins
Closed Top Hopper Bin1907002548"48"54 3/4"HDPE8" DIA.6370400N95401L
Closed Top Hopper Bin1907002548"48"54 3/4"HDPE12" DIA.6370401N95401L
Closed Top Hopper Bin30011004048"48"67"HDPE8" DIA.6370500N95401L
Closed Top Hopper Bin30011004048"48"67"HDPE12" DIA.637N501N95401L
Closed Top Hopper Bin37514005048"48"77 1/4"HDPE8" DIA.6371400N95401L
Closed Top Hopper Bin37514005048"48"77 1/4"HDPE12" DIA.6371401N95401L
Closed Top Hopper Bin45017006048"48"88 3/4"HDPE8" DIA.6370600N95401L
Closed Top Hopper Bin45017006048"48"88 3/4"HDPE12" DIA.6370601N95401L
Closed Top Hopper Bin60023008048"48"100 1/2"HDPE8" DIA.6370700N95401L
Closed Top Hopper Bin60023008048"48"100 1/2"HDPE12" DIA.6370701N95401L
45° Open Top Bins
Open Top Hopper Bin1907002548"48"54"HDPE8" DIA.6370000N95401L
Open Top Hopper Bin1907002548"48"54"HDPE12" DIA.6370001N95401L
Open Top Hopper Bin30011004048"48"66 1/4"HDPE8" DIA.6370100N95401L
Open Top Hopper Bin30011004048"48"66 1/4"HDPE12" DIA.6370101N95401L
Open Top Hopper Bin45017006048"48"83"HDPE8" DIA.6370200N95401L
Open Top Hopper Bin45017006048"48"83"HDPE12" DIA.6370201N95401L
Open Top Hopper Bin60023008048"48"99 3/4"HDPE8" DIA.6370300N95401L
Open Top Hopper Bin60023008048"48"99 3/4"HDPE12" DIA.6370301N95401L
60° Closed Top Bins
Closed Top Hopper Bin2258503048"48"69"HDPE8" DIA.6371100N95401L
Closed Top Hopper Bin2258503048"48"69"HDPE12" DIA.6371101N95401L
Closed Top Hopper Bin36014004848"48"81 1/4"HDPE8" DIA.6371200N95401L
Closed Top Hopper Bin36014004848"48"81 1/4"HDPE12" DIA.6371201N95401L
Closed Top Hopper Bin51019256848"48"98"HDPE8" DIA.6371300N95401L
Closed Top Hopper Bin51019256848"48"98"HDPE12" DIA.6371301N95401L
60° Open Top Bins
Open Top Hopper Bin2258503048"48"68 1/4"HDPE8" DIA.6370800N95401L
Open Top Hopper Bin2258503048"48"68 1/4"HDPE12" DIA.6370801N95401L
Open Top Hopper Bin36014004848"48"80 1/2"HDPE8" DIA.6370900N95401L
Open Top Hopper Bin36014004848"48"80 1/2"HDPE12" DIA.6370901N95401L
Open Top Hopper Bin51019256848"48"97 1/4"HDPE8" DIA.6371000N95401L
Open Top Hopper Bin51019256848"48"97 1/4"HDPE12" DIA.6371001N95401L


Part # Description Width Length Height Weight (lbs)
45° Bin Stands
6390000N976L45° Base for Dry Bins45"45"40 1/2"
60° Bin Stands
6390100N976L60° Base for Dry Bins45"45"55 1/4"

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