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Floating Pump Station

Floating Pump Station with center gap rendering

Floating Pump Station

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These floating pump stations are designed to accommodate submersible pumps of all sizes in addition to safe and easy access for operators. The size of the center gap can be customized by changing the dimension of the grating connection assembly. The platforms have been designed so that one person can install them with the use of a forklift. Sections also stack on top of one another for reduced storage footprint and shipping costs.

Additional features include optional handrails and non-slip surfaces, solid one-piece construction, anchor points, and optional dock cleats for boat tie-up.

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Part # / Model Dimensions
Weight (w/o handrails) Buoyancy Colours
Pump Station120" x 120" x 15"516 lbs / 235 kg5,832 lbs / 2,645 kgGrey or orange

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