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Float Switches

Float Switches at BARR Plastics

Float Switches

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A wide-angle pump float provides automatic control of pumps in non-potable water applications. These floats feature mechanically-activated, snap action contacts and a non-toxic, corrosion resistant, polypropylene float housing. Adjustable pumping range of 9 to 3 inches. Includes an innovative one-piece cable weight for mounting, which means there's no clip to lose.

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Part # Description Weight (lbs)
20SGMPCNOPanel Control Float Switch (w/ 20' Cord)N/A
20SWENOSelf-Weighted N/O Mercury Float Switch (w/ 20' Cord)N/A
20PMD1WP 1/2HP 115V 13A Pump-Down Switch (w/ 20' Cord)N/A
20PMPD2WP2HP 230V 15A Pump-Down Switch (w/ 20' Cord)N/A
20PMU1WP1/2HP 115V 13A Pump-Up Switch (w/ 20' Cord)N/A
1002230Cable WeightN/A
CSB-4SS4 Float Stainless Steel Bracket w/ Mounting DeviceN/A

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