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Flange Couplings & Reducer Couplings

PolyProplyene Flange Fittings at BARR Plastics

Flange Couplings & Reducer Couplings

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BARR's couplings provide quick and easy assembly with no pipe or sealant necessary. Flange and reducer couplings come with positive seals and easy on/off hose connections. They also feature a 360 degree orientation, making them ideal for compact fitting arrangements such as in spray systems and damaged parts can be easily replaced by BARR Plastics.

Valves and fittings are manufactured from glass-reinforced polypropylene for strength and durability so they will never rust or corrode.

Their recommended operating pressure for fittings is 120 PSI at 0°F, 150 PSI at 70°F and 90 PSI at 150°F.

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Part # Size (in) Box/Case Qty. Description
Flange Couplings
629141 11" Flange Coupling
631022 12" Flange Coupling
631133 13" Flange Coupling
Flange Reducer Couplings
629272 x 1 12" x 1" Flange Reducer Coupling
629283 x 2 13" x 2" Flange Reducer Coupling

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