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EZ Flow Septic Drainfield Systems

Standard septic Drainfield Systems at BARR Plastics

EZ Flow Septic Drainfield Systems

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Manufactured from recycled materials, these lightweight EZ Flow Drainfield Systems come in bundles that can be hand-carried into position, making them quick to install and saving costs on heavy machinery and labour. Their modular construction allows configurations to match trench dimensions for most system shapes and sizes. Their flexible design gives them the ability to contour along sloped sites and around trees or landscaping.

The EZ Flow is available in a wide variety of diameters and configurations to meet any installation professional’s needs. Engineered for optimal storage and absorption efficiencies, the EZ Flow provides easier cleanup at the job site with the elimination of stone. It is approved in many jurisdictions with an increased efficiency rating, reducing drainfield size. It also proves useful for foundation and other drainage applications.

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Part #DescriptionDimensions
1201P-GEO-SEPDrainfield Pipe In Synthetic Aggregate w/Geo Cloth Cover12" dia. x 10' L
1203H-GEO-SEPDrainfield Pipe (In Center Section) In Synthetic Aggregate w/Geo Cloth Cover12" dia. x 10' L - 3 wide
AC-COUPLER-4EZ Flow 4" CouplerConnects 10' Sections
AC-PLUG-4EZ Flow 4" End PlugN/A

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