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Effluent Filters

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The PL-68 serves as an ideal, economical, high flow (800 GPD) residential effluent filter. A PL-68 Tee is available, designed to accept Polylok’s new snap-in gas deflector, which keeps gas bubbles away from the tee and keeps the solids in the tank when filter is removed. The filter is designed to fit into standard 4” sewer drain tee fittings/outlet baffles in 2 chamber septic tanks.


The potable water certified PL-122 filter features an automatic shut-off ball built into it, so when the filter is removed for cleaning, the ball will float up and temporarily shut off the system so effluent won’t leave the tank. The filter is rated for 1,500 gallons per day and comes complete with its own housing. No gluing of tees or pipe or any other extra parts to buy. The filter has a modular design, allowing for increased filtration, and installs easily into new tanks or retrofits into existing systems. It has its own gas deflector to keep solids away and accepts a PVC extension handle. Comes with either a pipe adapter or filter seal adapter and allows for alarm accessibility.


The potable water certified PL-525 is ideal for commercial applications, rated for over 10,000 gallons per day; one of the largest filters in its class. It features 525 linear feet of 1/16” filtration slots, alarm accessibility and an automatic shut-off ball installed. This means that when the filter is removed for cleaning, the ball will float up and shut off the system so the effluent won’t leave the tank. The filter accepts 4” and 6” SCH.40 pipe.


The potable water certified PL-625 filter is ideal for grease trap applications and is rated for 8,000 gallons per day. With 625 linear feet of 1/32” filtration slots, it’s been shown to reduce fats, oils and grease by 60 to 98% and may also be used in onsite wastewater systems that require a finer level of TSS removal. Additional features include alarm accessibility, a built-in gas deflector, and automatic shut-off ball when filter is removed for cleaning. It accepts a PVC extension handle with 4” and 6” SCH.40 pipe

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Part #Description
PL-68Polylok 4" Effluent Filter (800 GPD)
PL-122Polylok Effluent Filter (1,500 GPD) w/Gas Deflect
PL-525Polylok Effluent Filter (10,000 GPD)
PL-625Polylok Effluent Filter  (8000 GPD)