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Economy Cage Tote / IBC

Economy Cage Tote / IBC - New & Used

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Available new or used from BARR, the Cage Tote is a very popular liquid handling tote designed for efficient and economical shipping, handling, dispensing and storing of a wide variety of bulk food and chemical liquids where less than tanker load quantities are required. The totes are forkliftable/pallet jack moveable and stackable two-high when full and stationary and they're designed to  maximize space on flat decks and in dry vans, shipping containers and warehousing for most efficient transport and storage.
The totes feature a slightly sloped, bottom discharge channel into a 2" outlet with ball valve for positive drainage. Pumps, valves, hoses and other fixtures can easily be mounted to these vessels to create a variety of liquid handling systems.

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Capacity Part # / DrawingDia./ Width Length Height Fill/Discharge Opening Weight (lbs)
USG IG LTR Premium Weight 1.5-1.7 SG Heavy Weight 1.9 SG
135112511PPCP135UNSTD (STEEL/COMPOSITE BASE)N/A40"48"30.5"Fill 6" / Discharge 2"100
2752291041PPCP275UNSTD (STEEL/COMPOSITE BASE)N/A40"48"46"Fill 6" / Discharge 2"144
2752291041PPPP275UNSTD (PLASTIC BASE)N/A40"48"46"Fill 6" / Discharge 2"144
3302751249PPCP330UNSTD (STEEL/COMPOSITE BASE)N/A40"48"54"Fill 6" / Discharge 2"160
Part # Box Quantity Description
WSF210242" Poly Spinweld Valve w/ QDC Outlet (Santoprene Gasket)
WSMT210242" Poly Spinwled Valve w/ NPT Outlet (Santoprene Gasket)
TL650E16" Solid Tank Lid w/ EPDM Gasket
TL651E16" Tank Lid w/ Unvented 2" Plug w/ EPDM Gasket
TL652S16" Tank Lid w/ Vented 2" Plug w/ Santoprene Gasket
TL652E16" Tank Lid w/ Vented 2" Plug w/ EPDM Gasket
TA28312" Buttress x 2" Male NPT Threads w/ Santoprene Gasket
TA283QD12" Buttress x 2" Male Adapter QDC w/ Santoprene Gasket
201FPT12" Female NPT Cap
60FDIN160MM DIN Cap (Buttress Thread)
V20207111" Polyurethane Lanyard
200CAP12" Camlock Dust Cap
202CAP12" Camlock Dust Cap
760DOTV2"Combination Pressure / Vacuum Vent Valve w/ Viton Gasket, 4.0PSI Pressure Relief
ANTPW3412" FPT x 3/4" MGHT
AQDW3412" FC x 3/4" MGHT
ABFW3412" Female Buttress x 3/4" MGHT
A2BF2NM12" Female Buttress x 2" MPT
A2BFQD2-E12" Female Buttress x 2" MC

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