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Ecomatic Pump Systems

Ecomatic Pump Systems at BARR Plastics

Ecomatic Pump Systems

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Commonly used for applications such as pressure boosting, farming, garden irrigation drip/low flow, hydroponics, rainwater harvesting and water transfer from wells, the Ecomatic pump serves as a smart choice. The pump is equipped with an excellent motor cooling system, protected from thermic overload and is designed to automatically start and stop when taps are opened or closed.

Its compact design offers a pressure switch, manometer and drainage tap positioned on the tank flange. With a wear-resistant shaft and impeller and a tank membrane is made of butile, this pump won't rust or corrode.

The pump is supplied with power cable with plug and self-sealing fitting.

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Part # / Model Motor Type & HP Max. PSI / Head Max. Flow Capacity Inlet / Outlet SizeElectrical
US310001 / ECOMATIC 1101/2 HP100 PSI / 41m16 GPM1"10A / 115V


Part # / Model Description
S3600136Check valve for US310001 - Ecomatic 110

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