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Drum Stackers with Containment

Drum Stacking Solutions with Containment at BARR Plastics

Drum Stackers with Containment

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This three-component system allows for maximum containment efficiency. Check out the details of each component which works together to make a complete system:

Poly Racker:

This one-piece polyethylene rack holds two 55-gallon drums securely in place, using a 100-plus gallon containment sump to ensure spill safety. The deep dispensing well holds 5 gallon pails.

Poly Stacker:

Each addition of a Poly Stacker can hold another two 55-gallon drums. They can be stacked with a forklift.

Poly Shelf:

Easily attach these shelves to Poly Stackers to increases safety and productivity. The hole in the bottom drains into the dispensing well in the Poly Racker.

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Part #DescriptionDimensions (L x W x H)WeightLoad Bearing Capacity UDLSump Capacity
ENP6000-YEPoly Racker49" x 52.5" x 22.5"120 lbs / 54 kg3000 lbs / 1350 kg102 gal / 387.6 liters
ENP6002-YEPoly Stacker49" x 41" x 13"56 lbs / 25.2 kg2400 lbs / 1080 kgN/A
ENP6003-YEPoly Shelf17" x 22" x 17.5"10 lbs / 4.5 kg60 lbs / 27 kgN/A
ENP6006-YESingle Poly Racker31" x 53" x 32"95 lbs / 42.75 kg1600 lbs / 720 kg66 gal / 250.8 liters
ENP6007-YESingle Poly Stacker31" x 40.5" x 20"50 lbs / 22.5 kg800 lbs / 360 kgN/A
ENP6004-YEMulti-Purpose Drum Stacker48.5" x 41" x 20"87 lbs / 39.15 kg2400 lbs / 1080 kgN/A
ENP6005-BKUniversal Well Liner12.75" x 15.5" x 2.5"1 lb / 0.45 kgN/A0.5 gal / 11.9 liters

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