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Downspout Diverters

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Downspout Diverters

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Downspout Diverters are designed mainly for residential use to avoids build up of sediments and other contaminants inside your storage tank - keeping the water fresher and tank cleaning to a minimum.

They take the first flow of rainwater, which may contain contaminants from the roof and gutters, seal it off and automatically divert the flow of cleaner water to the tank. After slowly releasing itself of contaminated water, the diverter resets automatically.

The Downspout Diverter comes in kit form - just add appropriate length of 3" or 4" PVC pipe, depending on the size of kit you have and the size of chamber you need to assemble and install. Note that all collected rainwater should pass through a first flush diverter that automatically collects and diverts at least the first 0.02 inches (0.5mm) of rain at the beginning of a rainfall event. The quantity of water diverted is 10.4 gal for 1000 ft of catchment area (50 litres/100m). The diverted water can be discharged to an acceptable location, such as a flower bed or drainage system.

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Part # Chamber Size Box/Case Qty. Description
WDDS993" 103" Downspout First Flush Diverter Kit - Assembly required
WDDP1114" 104" Downspout First Flush Diverter Kit Plus Downpipe - Assembly required

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