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Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Dispensing Totes

DEF Dispensing Totes at BARR Plastics

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Dispensing Totes

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Diesel Exhaust Fluid Dispensing Totes are an ideal for an economical starter kit when moving to bulk DEF supply. This is great for smaller fleets of trucks and equipment where additional totes can be added as a business expands. Managing your own DEF allows you to start receiving lower cost DEF supply from a bulk tanker truck and have ample supply always on hand to keep the fleet rolling!

Our system consists of all quality, corrosion resistant parts with well sealed fill and drain fittings available that ensure DEF purity is maintained and to help avoid spills.

We have 275 USG and 330 USG ( 1040 L & 1250 L) capacity tote models available which have an approximately 4' x 4'  footprint and a built-in fork-liftable base for ease of handling with pallet jack or forklift.  Several pump and filling nozzle options are available to customize the system to your specifications. Call a BARR Liquid Handling Systems Specialist today!

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