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The D505 bin has been designed to accommodate the needs of the North Atlantic Lobster Industry. This bin accommodates two standard-sized lobster crates safely; the bin also holds room for additional ice to be added as needed. While this container has been designed to suit lobster crates, it is also well-suited to hold and ship a variety of fish and meat products. Use as an icebox, fish box, meat container, poultry and recycle container, and more.

The D505 is double-walled with a PUR core and high insulation factor, along with marking and tracking options, and multiple colours available. Contact us today to learn more about these brand new bins from Saeplast.

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Part # / DrawingCapacityWidth (in) OD/IDLength (in) OD/IDHeight (in) OD/IDMaterialTare Weight (lbs)
Item / Description
USGLTRCubic FeetLbs/Kgs
13350517.822 / 1029.5 / 25.837.4 / 33.739.3 / 33.9Polyethylene84D Series Bin
13350517.822 / 1029.5 / 25.837.4 / 33.739.3 / 33.9Polyethylene84D505 Lid

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